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Pursue Online Courses For Six Sigma Training & Lean Manufacturing Training

Nowadays, Six sigma Training is considered to be a wonderful educational program containing a six sigma model which is called DMAIC. This model consists of initial letters meaning Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. The methodology of DMAIC project has five major phases:

1) Define the problem, the desire of the customer, and the project aims.
2) Measure major aspects of the certain process and gather needed data.
3) Analyze the data properly to learn cause-and-effect relationships. Define the relations between them, and try to ensure you have considered all factors. Look for a root cause of the defect.
4) Improve or optimize the current process by means of data analysis and using techniques including design of experiments, poka yoke or mistake proofing, and standard work in order to create a new state process.
5) Control the further state of the process. Avoid any deviations from target and correct them before they turn into defects. Apply control systems including production boards, statistical process control, and visual workplaces. Constantly observe the process.

Still, the beginning phase of model DMAIC is stage zero. As it was already mentioned, the Define phase of DMAIC presents a definition of a certain project including the project scopes and goals. The major purpose of this technique consists in improving the organization's performance by means of characterizing the data and making up conclusions. By the way, this training is an online program and after its finishing the participants are defined as black belts or green belts.

The black belt six sigma education is a progressive course consisting of about 160 hours of training. The participants of this online course are thoroughly trained with the usage of statistical techniques. An individual covering black belt training further completes six sigma project which requires approximately 4-6 months. The six sigma green belt training encompasses about 100 hours of training. People involved into this program receive preliminary training on the subject of statistical methodologies. After the completion of the training was done successfully, a person should complete green belt six sigma project. It will require about 4-6 months of duration.

Different education institutions suggest rather varied course modules of six sigma certification. It should be mentioned, that although no formal educational qualification is needed for this course, it is better for the applicants to have good knowledge of basic mathematics.

Another online program is lean manufacturing training which comprises different lean manufacturing tools. Lean manufacturing is considered to be one of the most widely-known improvement methods in industry. This universal program assists the companies to improve their productivity as well as cost efficiency. Lean manufacturing system is designed with the intention to reduce organization's wastes, for instance, overproduction, over processing, remnants, unneeded transportation, stocks of defective products. In order to start preliminary studying of lean principle, an individual can enroll into the starting courses, for instance, lean manufacturing for operators. The hands-on-training on lean subject requires approximately 5 weeks of studying. Different institutions offer different course modules of lean training.

Lean management certification consists of 15 modules. Those course modules include Value Stream mapping, Overview of Lean, 5S, pull, kaizen, flow, cellular manufacturing, eight wastes, quick changeover, visual management, standard work, overall equipment effectiveness, total productive maintenance, kanban and lean roadblocks.

Value Stream Mapping is just mapping on paper (often in pencil) different information and processing steps with the aim of getting a product from idea or raw material to final product and to the customer. Value stream mapping is quite similar to process mapping with extra uses for waste identification. This concept gives a great possibility both management and workers to clear up the waste in production and supply processes of the organization.

5S is a system of the Lean Manufacturing principles:
Set in Order

Each component of the 5S is necessary to get the benefits and sustain work of the organization. Sort is a process of removing every non essential item from the workplace. Set in Order is the process of organizing the remaining items after the "sort" process is completed. For example, all tools should be in their places unless being used. Shine is the third "S" and it is the process of cleaning the working territory as well as machinery or equipment in it. The ideal lean manufacturing implementation is to keep the equipment in a good shape. Standardize is the process of turning the first three S's into a habit. For instance, a machine is to be cleaned at the end of a shift every day without fail. The last S means Sustain. This is the principle most companies have failed to employ lately. But while managements realize the benefits of 5S, they also realize it is important to sustain the work of the organization over the years.

Kaizen is another critical concept in Lean Manufacturing. Kaizen is a Japanese term for the discipline of continuous improvement. Kaizen is connected with the word "event". Thus, kaizen events are often rather short, with a specific group of employees working on a certain challenge. Though the implementation of Kaizen includes non-structured tools like brainstorming, there is a particular structure of carrying out a Kaizen event. Kaizen events are used to improve the system over time. As a matter of fact, Kaizen may be employed to reduce scrap from 9% to 5%.

Flow is one more concept of lean training which concerns products flow within the organization. If a product is paused in any production phase, it will raise the time and costs of the production.

Cell manufacturing deals with grouping the machinery into cells. Cell grouping is used to reduce wastes as well as lead times to customers.

So, if you are interested in Online Courses for Six Sigma Training & Lean Manufacturing Training, you are welcome to learn more information through an online training course without discomfort of regular classes.