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Northern Inuit Temperament and Lifespan

Northern Inuit dog is generally devoid of the aggressiveness of their wild ancestors, and usually forms a touching affection for its men-companions. It seeks to always be among the members of its human pack, so tends to be seriously concerned if forced to spend most of their time alone. It loves to frolic with children and usually even welcomed their rough play.

However, families with very young children should think twice before purchasing this dog because it is too energetic to uncontrollably communicate with the baby. In addition, a puppy of this breed must undergo timely and extensive socialization to become a well-mannered member of human society.

The dogs of this breed usually live about 10-13 years.

How Much Does a Northern Inuit Cost and Price Range

This breed of dogs is quite expensive as the price ranges from $600 to $1200. The cost may vary slightly depending on the breeder and the place you are going to buy your pet. As this breed is popular nowadays, especially after the "Games of Thrones" series, the price can become higher.

Northern Inuit Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Northern Inuit dog is of medium size, more athletic than active. Height of females is from 58-71 cm and weight is about 25-38 kg, while in males the height at withers is 25-30 inches and weight is 36-48 kg. The dog should have a double coat and a straight tail, more cyclone rake. Twisted tail is considered a vice. The double coat has a short, dense hair. Colour: pure white or pure black; any shade of sable with white mask on the face or without it.

Northern Inuit Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Northern Inuit Dog is great for families who already have other dogs, pets, as it features a very friendly attitude towards their brethren. However, keep in mind that this dog is always striving to establish their status in the hierarchy of schooling and may conflict with unfamiliar dogs in order to assert their authority over them.

To avoid unpleasant incidents with any kind of animal, always keep your pet on a leash in a safe public area. In this case it is likely that the dog will not annoy domestic cat, if you present the animals to each other at an early age.

The founder of the breed that was established in the late 1980s is Eddie Harrison. The purpose of creation was like of all dog handlers working in this direction - to make a dog very similar to the wolf, but having a soft nature of the learner. You could see this breed in the series of the "Games of thrones ".